Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed

On Friday, June 21st, the S.E.P. and M.E.D. scholars at UNC had an opportunity to watch a documentary entitled Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed. The filmmaker, and author of the book with the same title, Dr. Wilbert Smith, attended the viewing as well. He spoke about his journey, which started in 2006, with Vertus Hardiman and how he was inspired to make the film and book. Hardiman was one of ten students who were irradiated in 1927, receiving over 35,000 times the amount of radiation recommended, at a Sanatorium in Lyles Station, Indiana. At the age of 85, he chose to share his story with Dr. Smith and share a painful secret. Smith and Hardiman documented the last two years of Mr. Vertus Hardiman’s life as the effects of radiation continued to haunt him. The radiation caused the deterioration of Hardiman’s head and skull. Cancer, caused by the radiation, was the ultimate cause of his death, but the radiation triggered burning and constant pain for Hardiman. The encouraging story of forgiveness and love shines through the documentary.

Filmmaker Dr. Wilbert Smith speaking to students about the documentary

For more information or to order the story visit : http://www.holeinthehead.com 


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