HAPPI 2014- Public Health Events

This summer, The UNC-CH Gillings School of Global Public Health has been very busy spreading the word about Public Health-a “hidden gem.” On June 2nd, the UNC Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health hosted a town hall style conversation about the School-to-Prison Pipeline. After watching a 15 minute clip, by the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies, about the local impact of the School-to-Prison Pipeline there was an hour long conversation with professionals who work with people dealing with this issue. There was representation from juvenile centers, schools, and the judicial system who gave their perspective on how to fix the issue and alternative methods to punish students who misbehave. The following day, June 3rd, the 20th National Health Equity Research Webcast filmed live featured three key speakers: Anthony A. Peguero (Associate Professor of Sociology at Virginia Tech), Melina Angelos Healey(Judicial Clerk and Lawyer), and Gary Flowers (CEO of Gary Flowers and Associates). The three speakers each gave a 20 minute presentation and answered questions from the in-studio and web audience. The NHERW webcast, The School-to-Prison Pipeline: From Perceptions to Solutions, was a great success and started a discussion that will affect our future and . Hopefully the discussion will not end here. The following link leads to a video of the webcast: http://sph.unc.edu/webcast/sph-webcasts/?webcast_id=2014-06-03_wc2000sp2014

Later in the summer, GSGPH hosted the 3rd Annual Summer Public Health Symposium for High School Students. There were three sessions of the Symposium that lasted from Sunday-Tuesday. During the three days, the students went to sessions (including What is Public Health? Understanding Health Disparities, and Public Health Messages), went on a campus tour, and gave group presentations on the final day. The students were separated into groups of 3-4 and gave a 10-12 minute presentation to their peers, family, and Public Health faculty on a Public Health topic of their choice. This program, spear-headed by Trinnete Cooper and Charletta Sims-Evans, aims to target students early and expose them to options they may not have heard about previously. Once students know about Public Health, they can be recruited once they come to college. Feedback from the students show that they really enjoy and appreciate the Symposium and actually wish it lasted longer. Gillings School of Global Public Health will continue to host the program annually so look for it next year if you or someone you know may be interested. Visit sph.unc.edu for more information.